EBIT cornerstones

A high EBIT margin business starts in the company culture and how focused you work in your core business areas. We have to take care of the noncore business areas very efficient, we know the negative impact on productivity when we have a bad noncore without policy compliance or well communicated company rules.

Cost control is essential, we know that a demanding control of costs is very important and when you get the grip of it, don’t lose it. There is no finish line in cost control, either you’re in or you you’re out. In the same way we measure sales we shall also measure our large variable costs. We have to make sure that when we sell for one more krona most of it shall end up in our bottom line.

Many companies end up in only 10 % EBIT margin no matter of how much they increase the revenues, this is unnecessary. All these cornerstones and of course together with increased revenues and always renewed higher targets for the company, it will take your EBIT to a record level.

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