Are you ready to change your company culture?

No matter if you are a new started company or an older stabile company delivering good EBIT margins you need a clear culture and proactively keep the grip of the culture. One of the most important things is the cost control that unite us in the way we handle the company’s money.

You have to create a climate where all staff know that they have to defend all the money they spend. There is also a lot of responsibilities how we handle company money, for example to the sales organisation that do the hard work bringing in all money, they have to trust that we handle the companies money very carefully.

Make sure core business focus is supported to 100 % and that the finance and administration functions is world class in efficiency. You need strong policies and company rules communicated and explained to all staff. The rules goes for all staff no matter of where you are in the organisation, the only thing that differs between us is the pay check. All these cornerstones together adds up to a fantastic company culture.

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